C tokens are the basic buildings blocks in C language which are constructed together to write a C program.

Each and every smallest individual units in a C program are known as C tokens.

C tokens are of six types. They are,

Keywords               (eg: int, while),

Identifiers               (eg: main, total),

Constants              (eg: 10, 20),

Strings                    (eg: “total”, “hello”),

Special symbols  (eg: (), {}),

Operators              (eg: +, /,-,*)



int x, y, total;

x = 10, y = 20;

total = x + y;

printf (“Total = %d \n”, total);



main – identifier

{,}, (,) – delimiter

int – keyword

x, y, total – identifier

main, {, }, (, ), int, x, y, total – tokens

Do you know how to use C token in real time application programs? We have given simple real time application programs where C token is used. You can refer the below C programs to know how to use C token in real time program.